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Torquemada Games is an european developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software products such as Video Strip Poker family products.

Torquemada Games has been established in 2002 to develop new computer game concept: to create attractive, interactive and intuitive video games utilizing the latest technology available for home computers owners. This is how Video Strip Poker products family was born.

During all those years over one hundred people were involved in creating Torquemada Games' products, just to mention and thank programmers, designers, models, musicians, interpreters, graphics developers, etc., etc...

The latest achievement in the developement of Torquemada Games Video Strip Poker family is Video Strip Poker HD, which is released in 2013. It is a high end Video Strip Poker game, which introduces the video entertainment in full HD quality; opponents from all over the world and even more interactivity and fun than all previously released Video Strip Poker games.

Also, new products are to come in the nearest future...

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